Emergency lighting

Reliable and properly functioning emergency light is much more than just compliance. At the right moment, it can be a life saver. RP-Technik is a well-known German company focusing on the manufacture and development of security lights, their accessories and controls. The company has been active for over 20 years and has won both RedDot and a large number of German Design Awards.

Complies with standards

ISO 1401: 2015
ISO 50001:2011
ISO 9001:2015

A wide range of safety lights

The product range includes suspended, dipped and surface-mounted safety lamps and their inspection and management equipment. In addition, we also offer central systems.

  • Hanging

  • Recessed

  • Surface mounted

  • Lisad

  • Monitoring Center

  • Central system

Useful information!

– Emergency lighting is mandatory in a room over 60 m2.

– The escape route shall have a luminous intensity of at least 1 lx.

– The whole evacuation journey must be accompanied by a reference to the evacuation light.

– The fire extinguisher must always have a luminous intensity of at least 5 lx.

– Battery light for at least 1 h (depends on the building)

– Building safety lights are to be made once a month for faults and once a year for a battery life test.

– In the case of a central system, the cable supplied to the luminaire must be heat-resistant.

– Emergency light bulbs used in America, covered by the large letter EXIT, are not permitted in the European Union. The person’s figure and direction should be used to escape.

– Unlike a safety light, the function of the panic lantern is to provide sufficient light to stop hazardous activities, such as shutting down machines.

– Panic lighting may be required in a room where emergency lighting is not required for evacuation.