• General lighting

    By the needs of our client, we offer lighting panels, profile lights, downlights, track lights and many more solutions for public- and work areas. Along with architects, we will plan the best solutions for rooms of Your business. We will help you to find suitable solution and lights in early stages of planning.

    • Coreshine

      CoreShine LED-Luminaire is a high-quality choice for both office and commercial areas, which also allows for complex special solutions and, if necessary, the introduction of advanced UGR LED-panels.

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  • Industrial lighting

    We have specialized on production of industrial lights. Products may be used in surrounding temperatures(Ta) from -40°C up to +45°C, which makes it ideal for industrial- and (cold)storage facilities. Choose an industrial lighting that will provide the best result with its high efficiency and long lifespan.

    • HAMKHamk

      Meet the Ledshop's HAMK product line that is developed and produced in Estonia.

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  • LED-profiles

    Aluminum LED profiles create many different options for lighting solutions. Profile Luminaries can be hidden, drilled, hung and attached to different surfaces.

  • Commercial luminaires

    Energy-efficient and well-functioning LED-based commercial room lighting reduces electricity costs and enhances people's ability to work, making the company more profitable. Our lights are flicker free and do not tire and break your eyes and you can choose between different light temperatures.

    • Tersa

      Ledshop offers a high-quality commercial room lighting series in Tersa, meeting minimalist forms and a wide range of options.

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  • Costum solutions

    We create special solutions for interior and exterior, from Autocad drawings to production of ready-made solutions. We also offer computer-controlled solutions with varying complexity, such as facade luminaires in buildings.

  • Emergency lighting

    A proper emergency light ensures the safety of people and can save lives. We offer a variety of solutions, from exit signs and escape routes to control and central systems.

    • RP-Technik

      RP-Technik is a German company with more than 20 years of experience, which manufactures and develops emergency lighting and related systems.

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  • LED-stripes

    LED-strips provide versatile options for creating lighting solutions, both indoor and outdoor. Combined with an aluminum profile, you can design beautiful lights for furniture, staircases, wardrobe, kitchens and more. The wide range of light and color options help to create a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Store lighting

    Modern LED lighting improves the sales of the store and reduces costs. Thanks to the high color index, products on the shelves are more vibrant and the food is more appetizing. There is also no friction due to ballasts, the eyes are not tired, and it's more convenient for customers to spend more time in the store.

    • CoreShine

      CoreShine LED-the luminaire offers a series of products specifically costumed to the needs of the stores, which are easy to install and adapt to needs. A wide range of different models is available.

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  • Control systems

    Its control system is also an integral part of lighting. If the solutions developed become more complicated and the wall switch is no longer sufficient, we offer suitable systems that can be easily controlled from all smart devices.

    • Casambi

      Casambi is an innovative Finnish company focusing on lighting control systems based on Bluetooth technology.

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