industrial lights


For industrial buildings Ledshop uses lightings from its own developed HAMK product line. HAMK is a multipurpose and durable LED light, which is made especially to withstand conditions given in a industrial facility. With capability of efficient illumination, it also has IP65 class for lasting in any given weather condition, IK08 class for impact resistance and working Ta of -45°C up to +45°C.

  • Details

    All of the lights' body details are made of Al 6063-T6, which is covered and protected by anode layer. Aluminum grants good heat conduction, which is extremely essential for maintaining long lifespan of LED-element. Besides cooling properties, the material is durable, light and cost efficient.

    As a light source, we use LED elements by CREE Inc. Company is USA based and one of the leading light diode manufacturers in the whole world, also being one of the pioneers for the LED lights as we know them today.

    Novadays, Taiwaneese company MEAN WELL is one of the most valued power supply manufacturer on market. Besides using their production in ours, Ledshop is also their official distributor in Estonia.

  • Reliability

    Since LED-technology is based on semiconductors, cooling is essential part of maintaining long lifespan and granting high efficiency for the light. Key to manufacturing a great lighting based on LED is behind ensuring sufficient cooling to its elements.

    Ledshop's HAMK main profile, which holds all of the other details on itself, is designed considering LED's characteristics. Without wasting space and material, there had also been taken into account the aspects of manufacturing and assembly, alongside having sufficient cooling surface.

  • Made in Estonia

    On year 2014 development process of HAMK started in Tallinn, when we realized the need for a high-quality industrial lighting. Every since that time, along with production, we have kept on developing our product line for better and more, together with possibilities available in LED industry.

    HAMK models used today are the third generations of its kind. We can firmly claim, that all of its birth defects have been removed and it is a high-quality industrial LED light, proven by facts, clients and test results.

    Since the production uses the best available components, materials and technology, HAMK has not given in from any side and all of the details combined together give a great lighting as a whole.

Hamk mudelid