Commercial LED Lighting

Tersa series LED lights are the ideal solution for a variety of business, commercial and general areas. The range includes high-quality LED-based panels downlights, linear lights and track lighting with different mounting methods and features.


LED panels can be placed in depth position on the suspended ceiling,mounted on surface and hanged up.

  • Microprismatic diffuser makes the light softer.

  • Patented fast connection makes luminairse installation easier.


LED-downlights can be fixed on  surface, recessed and hung.

  • The ability to control inside is suitable for places where you need to move the beam.

  • The fire resistance of up to 90 minutes is available with IP44 humidity resistance.

LED-linear lights

Linear lights can be installed on surface, recessed and with hanging ropes to the desired height.

  • Microprismatic diffuser makes the light softer.

  • Moisture resistance up to IP54 select in wet areas.

  • There is also an option where the light goes up and down the profile.

LED-track lights

The lights here can be mounted surface or suspended.

  • Possibility of a cassette-type diffuser in front of the reflector reduces light shine

  • The color index of the light up to CRI97 brings out the colors of the illuminated surface.

  • The Pure White light option makes color shades particularly vivid.

Minimalist Design

Tersa series LED lights are minimalist in design, only highlighting where you want.

Flicker free

The Tersa series of LED lights lacks eye irritation and headaches causing flicker.

  • Energy efficient

    LED-technology based luminaire is more than 2 times more energy efficient and does not contain dangerous waste.

  • Different light temperatures

    We offer different light color temperatures suitable to your wishes.

  • Dimmerable

    LED-lights can be dimmered in several different ways, 1-10 V, DALI.