Lighting solutions

  • Industrial lighting

    We have specialized on production of industrial lights. Products may be used in surrounding temperatures(Ta) from -40°C up to +45°C, which makes it ideal for industrial- and (cold)storage facilities.

    Choose an industrial lighting that will provide the best result with its high efficiency and long lifespan.


      Meet the Ledshop's HAMK product line that is developed and produced in Estonia.

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  • Linear lights

    Aluminum profiles, that work as housing for LED-strips, grant limitless possibilities for lighting solutions. Profiles can be hidden, recessed, hung or mounted on any given surface for wanted result.

  • Design lights

    Light is an important part of our everyday life, so why not to make it a little more expressive, minimalist or special? A design light acts as a piece of decoration, creating nice atmosphere, yet keeping up on quality of light.

    • Aurora

      Ledshop offers high-quality design lights with its product line Aurora, where minimalistic shapes and interesting solutions meet the client.

      Meet the product
  • General lighting

    By the needs of our client, we offer lighting panels, profile lights, downlights, track lights and many more solutions for public- and work areas. Along with architects, we will plan the best solutions for rooms of Your business. We will help you to find suitable solution and lights in early stages of planning.