LED panels

Ledshop OÜ offers LED panels that are suitable for illuminating business, commercial and general areas. Lights may be mounted on surfaces, hung by truss or installed into suspended ceilings.

Minimalistic design

Aurora productline LED panels have a minimalistic design that easily blends into surrounding areas. The diffuser is covered with a smooth microprismatic cover, granting well-distributed and soft light for the room.

Flicker free

Traditional officelights, based on flourescent light, amongst with some of LEDs have flickering in them. Often the humaneye does not detect it, but staying for longer period in such enivornment will have several health hazards. Mainly, it may cause headaches, but most of all it tires and may permanently damage eyes' retina.

  • Saving energy

    Lighting that is based on LED technology saves energy more than 2 times and does not contain any substances that are hazardous to the environment.

  • Different lighting temperatures

    Following our customer's demand we have the option to offer different lighting temperatures.

  • Dimmable

    LEDs can be dimmed in several different ways (1-10V; DALI).

  • Microprismatic cover

    Microprismatic diffuser helps lighting to spread its light more smoothly, reducing its glare and making workdays less tiring.

  • Patented connector

    Handy and well-designed connection allows lighting's installation to be fast and painless, saving time and expenses.

LED panels